Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine is an abundant and renewable resource that grows in a vast band across the Southern United States from East Texas to Virginia. It is a strong, stiff and durable wood that has been used since colonial times. Products manufactured include dimension lumber, posts, beams, plywood, finish, millwork, paneling and decking. It is also a favorite for tongue and groove flooring. Many Southern Yellow Pine floors were installed over a hundred years ago and remain beautiful and serviceable today.

Abundant, renewable and managed for sustainability, Southern Yellow Pine is a good environmental choice. Its warmth, beauty and durability make this wood very suitable for solid wood floors in any style of home.

Kiln-dried Southern Yellow Pine has the following characteristics.

  • Southern Yellow Pine is a warm golden color when finished naturally and its beauty will increase as it ages. It can also be stained and finished to a wide variety of colors.
  • Southern Yellow Pine is one of the strongest domestic softwoods. It is stiff, dense, durable, and highly resistant to wear.
  • Kiln-dried Southern Yellow Pine is dimensionally stable. Warp, twist and cup are minimal when properly acclimated to the job site.
  • Available in knotty and clear grades, southern pine can be rustic or elegant.
  • Southern pine can be cut, ripped and milled with regular woodworking tools.
  • Custom patterns and special orders are always available.
  • Southern Yellow Pine flooring—durable, serviceable and attractive.

Southern Yellow Pine Products

  • Product
  • product CAD drawing T&G Flooring w/Back Relief
    Flooring, Interior Finish & Trim, Paneling & Patterns
  • Product
  • product CAD drawing Bullnose Stepping
    Flooring, Interior Finish & Trim, Paneling & Patterns, Stepping